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Reducing Clutter Reducing Clutter

With growing demand on electronic communications & documents, I would like to share a few thoughts that will save you time, space and possible loss of data. In this newsletter, I focus on de-duplication, backups, and email software, as these are critical components in the business world.



Online communication and electronic content continues to grow at a rapid pace. Keeping track of all content is a challenge, but with suitable software and systems, we can make our lives a lot simpler. In our last newsletter, we mentioned how you can reduce the amount of incoming spam. But how do we get rid of duplicate documents and photos, ensuring that we don't delete the most recent copy?

Duplicate Cleaner is a freeware program that will scan your computer (or directory/s) for duplicates, giving you a list of all duplicate items and allowing you to select which you want to delete. With a range of filters, it can select specific file types (i.e. pdfs, docs, jpegs), by date, size, file name, even allows you to select the oldest file/duplicates for deletion. You can then batch delete the duplicates, or move them to a new folder. Version 2.05 even allows you to view images in a pop-up display, so you can be totally sure before committing files to the wastebin.

2012-05-25 11:51

Alternative email programs Alternative email programs

Many companies use Outlook, or Outlook Express for their email requirements. (Windows mail if you have Windows 7 OS). If you are looking for a suitable free program with plenty of additional features from which you can choose to install, I would recommend Thunderbird.


 As a basic version, it will give you all the features that Outlook has, but at no cost. Add-ons (mainly free), allow for additional functionality, such as linking your calendar with your smart phone. It is also not limited by the the total size of mail box that Outlook does, making it a much more suitable business tool. Some of its features include

  • Message filtering, Excellent search through emails
  • Multiple email accounts, Tabs for accounts and folders
  • Synchronising with Outlook and Google generated appointments,


Amongst the hundreds of add-ons available, two worth mentioning are:

  • Afrikaans spell checker (also other languages)
  • Quick Translator (translates 50 languages into English)


Backing up your Thunderbird email system, for backup or transferring to a new laptop is also a breeze, with a free application called MozBackup. These features are bound to save you plenty of time and frustration.

If you would like to know more about Thunderbird, please call me.

2012-05-25 11:15

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